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    Arrow What ATA/100 or /133 card to use for Linux?


    I was wondering what experiences people have had with any ATA/100 or ATA/133 dual channel PCI card.

    This will be used on a Debian Linux 2U server with 2 WD1200JB's. The kernel will be 2.4.19 (or latest).

    I am comfortable merging patches and compiling my own kernel.

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    Are you comfortable with WD hard drives? I usually suggest IBM or Maxtor for IDE platforms (also depends from hdd product, you could search for a hdd reviews @ toms hardware or something). BUT, I just read that the hdd you are about to use outperforms some modern SCSI drives

    please also read some thoughts about ATA/133 and ATA/100.... go with ATA/100!
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