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    Standout Identity Complete Overhaul Needed - Logo, and Redesign

    Hi, (PS Just Gibberish to weed out the I'll take the Job people)

    My Name is Joshua Hagan the CEO of Verdict Networks Pty Ltd. Verdict Networks Pty Ltd provides 24x7 Helpdesk support as its core products with a medium range of extra products and services.

    Currently our design is located here;

    Whilst I do not love it I do not hate it make sense ? Hope so!

    The idea of the new design is to have people interesting in toggling around looking at boring but meaningful information.

    Without breaking copyright laws I would like something like;

    I want existing clients to be able to toggle to part of clients area fast and easy, Prospecting clients to see what we have to offer and so on.

    I would also like to without it seeming out of place have the ability to serve ads. We want to maximise revenue from quicker turnovers of sales to the content on our site.

    This project is not an Instant payment project but is expected to be worth $2400.00 over a period of 24 months. Enquires should only be directed to [email protected] and interested for a quick chat on msn; [email protected]

    I would like only people "Interested" To apply please no time wasters.
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    will contact via msn
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    Will contact via MSN and also send you an email

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    I've added you on MSN.

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    Hi, Designer found. Once the design is done I will reveal.
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