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    Question Server for SMB/Home Office

    I currently have a Dell PowerEdge 1600 SC and it's loud and slow and after 4-5 years of use it's ready to get replaced. I'd love to find a server for under $1K (no OS) or $2K if more reasonable. It's basically a file server but also runs Backup Exec to backup in house developer computers, and SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition. The 1600 SC may be okay, maybe I should just go back from Win2008 to Win2003 as I've been very unhappy with Win2008, simply copying files to/from Vista is painful, viewing images, etc.

    So if I go for a server replacement, such as a Dell T300 or in that class of server, what do you suggest? All I've ever used are Dell servers (2550, 1750, 1850, 2850's) and wonder if I should venture out to HP for once?

    Can you suggest a SMB/Home Office server? 750 MB or greater file storage, 1 TB would be great, RAID 5, Windows 2008, etc.


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    My favorites are the new Dell R series.

    I have put about 50 of them in in the last year (R905's) and can't say enough good stuff about them.

    Solid products and good quality units starting around the $850 mark for their 1U units...
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