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    wp theme install, maybe mod


    I'm wanting to start up a new blog and I intend to use WordPress. I installed it using Fantastico and it seems to work, but it is pretty simple in appearance and not at all what I really want to have. In any case, I found a free theme that I like, but I don't have the time to put into learning how to make it work the way I need it to. So, what I need is someone to install it on the server for me, with some minor mods.

    At the top, instead of home, about us, contact us, freebies, portfolio

    I want: home, my names, auctions, classifieds, links

    I would like to have the following categories:
    Picking A Name
    Domain Registrars
    Domain Appraisals
    Market News
    Aftermarket Reviews
    Hosting Reviews
    Parking Info & Reviews
    ccTLDs Talk
    General Help
    Monetization Ideas
    Getting Traffic
    Quality Content

    Additionally, I would like the logo changed to a nice clean text logo of DesiredName

    I also want to secure it as well as possible (ie no 777 permissions where not nec). Any changes that need to be made on the server are possible.

    If interested, just give me a price and a time frame. I would prefer to see a link to a portfolio or at least one similar project you have completed. Payment by paypal.


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    Hi, PM me, I can do it fast.
    Or e-mail c.jackson ((A-T))
    Follow me on Twitter: @conrjac

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    we have an expert in WP themes

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