For the past few years, I have tried every kind of email hosting. In the end, Microsoft Exchange is the solution to my email dilemmas and I decided to set up my own server to host my own email. As a student, I only have to pay for the hardware, software is available to me at minimal costs. This is why I can do this cheap!

I'm selling 10 to 15 Exchange 2007 email hosting accounts which will cover the costs of the server and have enough to set aside for future upgrades. I am not in the hosting business for much of a profit. I take on just enough customers to pay for my equipment and a little extra to set aside for future upgrades, I've been doing this locally for 5 years now and it works really well. In this case, I just want control of my own email so I can be assured I have sufficient backups and control over my own privacy (unlike with Exchange hosting with 1and1). I also learn from hosting new platforms, so its a valuable learning experience for me.

I'm still fairly new to exchange administration with about 2 months of experience with this new server. I have gotten most of the quarks out and everything has been running very stable. Most problems I've seen before so I can quickly resolve them.

payment details
Each Exchange 2007 Account will be paid annually via paypal (this way I can keep track of expenses easily). Pricing ranges from $50/year(1GB) to $80/year(10GB) on Matthouse. I'm afraid to make boxes bigger than 10GB (due to the way Microsoft tends to corrupt databases). I am happy to work with you if you feel comfortable with this risk as there will be more than enough extra disk space to make bigger boxes.

Features (from matthouse):
Activesync Mobile Access - Windows Mobile, (and as far as I am told Palm Treo, and IPhone) Supported
IMAP / POP Enabled
[email protected]
Exchange Provided Spam Filtering
Nightly off site backups (3:10am ET)

Your email WILL be secure and NEVER read by anyone unless you give your password out (not recommended).

[email protected] - Exchange will do this, in fact both of my exchange accounts on this server have their own domains configured. Basically, you will set your mx records to the exchange server (its a little more complicated for cpanel users), and I will set your account to send as [email protected] and receive from this as well. I will work with you if you want multiple email accounts or receivers. Sorry, but you need to provide your own domain.

Blackberry Syncronization Support (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Email)- I priced this software with Blackberry. Its $99 for a one time license per user (as far as I can tell). If you want this, you can pay extra and I will install it to your mailbox.

Website hosting with your domain- There is enough room on either my cpanel server or IIS (if you don't mind having little control over it since I don't have a control panel for iis). If you'd like this, let me know and I will work with you there also.

Final comments
If you are interested, please PM me or email me: phil(at) If you want to order at Matthouse's listed prices, please goto the client system here. I will remove the setup fees if you PM or Email Me with details first. I will not tolerate spamers and email will help me verify that you are a human.

I do have another admin that helps me with administration on my servers. Normally between both of us, response times range from 10 minutes (during the day) to 8 hours (during the night). We both receive text messages from a monitoring service (5 minute intervals) incase of server outages during the night. The longest downtime I've seen is 15 minutes and email is delivered shortly after the server comes back up.

I would like to thank you for considering this offer. I will shut it off after I reach 20 paying accounts on the server. This server will be around for a long time to come because I like Exchange and will pay out of pocket if necessary to keep it up.