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    Need fulltime blog writer

    I'm very busy with my projects and looking to hire .
    I am looking for a full time blogger for my Movie blog (disclosed to the applicants only)
    The blogger will post 7-10 times a week on the blog (spread throughout the week)
    The successful blogger will be paid up to $200 per month and will be paid in arrears via Paypal (sorry I cannot offer alternative payment methods at this time). The blogger will cover such topics as :

    Your personal reviews of recent movies you scene (passes given on occasion)

    Posting new trailers, with your personal comments.

    News related to the film industry, interviews, actor news, etc. (not celebrity gossip)

    Comment on posts & promote via submission

    I will do my best to help guide the blogger on the direction I want the blog to follow however I am also looking for the blogger to write daily without holding their hand

    Additionally :

    I am happy for the blogger to write a few posts in advance in case of illness or whatever however most posts should be written on the day the post is published so that the author can take respond to the latest movie news, trailer releases and developments.

    The blogger should have a thorough knowledge of the movie industry and a movie-goer, be able to display this in their posts. Those who actively watch new movies, buy dvds and enjoy talking about movies are preferred.

    Posts should be a minimum 300-500 words. (250 in some cases)

    The successful blogger should be able to display a high standard of English (Grammar, Spelling, Pronunciation). Native English speakers are preferred. Also, be able to display your personal style, as if i asked you what you thought of the movie not what that movie was about.

    The blogger should have basic photo editing skills so that they can attach related images to their posts.

    If for any reason the blogger cannot complete the full month, the blogger will be paid Pro Rata for the posts they have published.

    If you want to be only quest writer, please make sure you indicate this in your e-mail

    First and foremost, I am looking for someone who is reliable and can write quality and original posts on a daily basis.
    (Note, since this position is paid, posts may not be published elsewhere on the web), and the post remain property of the website where is posted.
    Please contact me or leave a message in this post if you are interested in this position. Please ensure that you include :

    Some basic information about yourself (Age, location and relevant experience).-

    Links to articles and blog posts that you have written (if you have).

    Any other information you think is relevant.


    Email nevia64 (at)

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    sent you an email, very interested
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    sent you an email to the email address provided and no reply back in 2 days, hope to hear something back. - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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    im interested in being a blog writer. how much is the pay? for part time and full time?
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    still waiting to hear back from you since it has 6 days without a single reply. - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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