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Thread: SIP PBX?

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    SIP PBX?

    A company I am working with will be routing PSTN calls to me via SIP. I want a PBX to receive these SIP calls and deliver a short voice message, as well as give the callers the option to leave a message for me. I would like this PBX to handle up to 50 simultaneous callers. So far I have figured out that I need to install Asterisk (or similar) to serve as my PBX. Where do I go for a SIP account that can handle 50 SIP callers at the same time? I will not be making any outgoing calls.
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    Do you definitely need a SIP account? If the company you are working with will be sending you the calls via SIP they can go directly to your Asterisk server.
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    set up a SIP Trunk between you and the company sending you calls (you will need a login to their system if they require SIP Registration - they can also possibly do IP-based authentication)

    The number of channels can be confgured to whatever you can support - and whatever your PSTN Gateway/Terminaton provider is willing to support
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    >> would like this PBX to handle up to 50 simultaneous callers

    Asterisk has got issues with Voicemail, instead use FreeSWITCH which scales up quite pretty.

    Take care to have adequate bandwidth to your ISP/provider.
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