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    Exclamation [REQ] Small Home Network Bandwith Limit

    Hello Everyone

    I got a small home network over 2MB Speed ADSL Router with 5 pc using 2 switches and I had a problem for monitoring bandwith for those PCs

    As sometimes one PC get the full download speed and the others got nothing

    I need a hardware to limit the connection that I can use over my router to monitor or limiting the connection

    If it can't be I had an Idea of buying a small computer to install a Linux/Unix system on it to do the same and made it as a bridge between my router and my switches so it will be as a server for the internet

    But I need a helping guide to do this

    So any idea will be gr8 really

    Thanks for who care to read the post and for who care to answer


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    Get a WRT54GL router/switch and flash it with DD-WRT, comes with all the QoS/limiting abilities you need and also monitoring/graphing abilities.
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    You could also try bandwidth controller ( )

    Its a software solution which would be a cheaper option, it really depends on your budget I suppose. The above has a free trial so you could test it out and see if it fits your needs.
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