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    Talking [Go Network Servers] Gaming Servers & More! ARMA 2

    Go Network Servers is excited to announce the release of our new website.
    We also have some summer specials for 2009! Price will be locked for life, if service is still continued with us. Our basic slot games starts at $1.20/slot & every game server comes with free webhosting for re-direct or clan hosting.

    This summer special is Limited Time/Slot Only!

    NeoTokyo Source
    we are now hosting neo tokyo source at $1.20/slot.

    ARMA 2
    - We are now providing ARMA 2 servers and we have the lowest affordable slots in the game server providers market! We charge $2.20/ slot but thats not all!
    Go to our website at to learn how to save some extra money by ordering today! HURRY! we have extend our deal to August 31, 2009.

    New package deals listed on our billing system of Go networks

    Online Location:
    Dallas, Texas
    Los Angeles, California

    Coming Soon Locations:
    Chicago, IL
    Seattle, WA
    New York, NY

    HL/HL2 TF2/DODS/CS1.6/CSS/CZ/DOD1.6 1000FPS
    - 12 Slot Hyper Performance 1000FPS
    - High CPU Priority
    - Free Webhosting
    - 25 Slot HLTV/Source TV
    - Public/Private
    Only @ $30.00/month!

    HL/HL2 - TF2/DOD/DOD1.6/CS1.6/CSS/CZ/DODS - 500FPS
    - 12 Slot Mid Performance 500-550FPS
    - High CPU Priority
    - Free Webhosting
    - 25 Slot HLTV/Source TV
    - Public/Private
    Only @ $20.00/month!

    Clan Package/Team Package - HL/HL2 Games
    - 16 Slot 500-550FPS
    - 12 slot hyper performance 1000FPS
    - High CPU Priority
    - Free Webhosting
    - 10 slot High Quality Ventrilo
    - 50 slot hltv/sourcetv on the 12 slot only
    Only @ $45.00/month! (save over $25+/month with this deal)
    ^ This package can be subsitute for more slots, or such. Please contact us.

    Left 4 Dead Special
    - 8 Slot Public/Private Server
    - Free Webhosting
    Only @ $9.50/month!

    Killing Floor Special
    6 Slot Public/Private Server
    -Free Webhosting
    Only @ $10.00/month!

    No coupons needed on any of these offers.
    We offer 2 days money back guranteed !

    Please also check out our webhosting deals & Ventrilo Servers!

    Need Test ip?! Contact us!


    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
    #GoNetworks @ Gamesurge.Net
    Go Network Servers - Better, Faster, Stronger. We're Just That Good! - Affordable Hosting , Gaming Servers, and more with 24/7 support.
    (Live Support Chat)
    Email us @ [email protected]
    or PM back to me for any questions need to be answered.

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    left 4 dead 2
    and call of duty : modern warfare 2

    preorders are now avaliable on our website

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