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    Anyone else have email issues with Hostgator?

    I started dabbling in web design a few months ago and have decided to start a little web design business. I currently have a shared plan with HG, but will be upgrading to a reseller.

    However, in the last 2 weeks my HG email has gone down twice. I was unable to receive form results sent by PHP mail from my sites. The only explanation from support is that there was a problem with my "exim queue" and that it shouldn't happen again.

    Before I upgrade to reseller I want to know that this is not likely to be a recurring issue. Otherwise I will look into other hosts.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

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    Well that would be a very hard one for anyone to determine, i would hope that since the issue was brought up and they "know" what it was it should not recur, it all depends on the provider, how long were you with them, how much do you trust them to resolve that issue, it's really hard to tell, you would have to assume the way things might or might not be, based on your experiance with them, or maybe look into the forums more searching for that provider, see if there are any complaints about similar issues or recurring issues, Best of Luck. Also if your unsure about going with them check out the reseller forum on wht there's many great providers out there best of luck! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    A few months ago? How many specifically?

    If all you have had was email going down twice with a hosting provider over a few month span, I'd say you're doing much better then most (hate to say this ). Have you attempted offloading your email to Google Apps/GMail?

    Anyways, given that, problems do occur. With HostGator, they guarantee unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth on their plans. This can add to the "problem" if their servers are not managed correctly. HostGator is however huge with over 7000 servers so obviously they are doing something right

    Best of luck with what ever you decide.

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