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    L2TP or PPTP VPN support on xen hosted VPS

    Hi all,

    I'd like to get some advice from the community, about
    installing L2TP or PPTP VPN on a xen hosted VPS. Up
    to now I've been using openssh, and redirecting using
    tunnels, but I'd like to have a seamless access from
    my iPhone, which supports L2TP or PPTP (ok, there are
    some ssh clients for the iPhone, but touch keyboard
    is not that great).
    My VPS is running debian, and it seemed simple to install
    PPTP, so I installed the package, configured everything,
    connected from the iPhone, got a failure, and upon checking
    the logs, saw that the ppp module was not loaded. Well,
    actually the ppp module is not even installed on my VPS.
    Fair enough, let's compile it then. However, it seems
    like the kernel that is running is a custom build xen:

    /lib/modules/2.6.16-xenU/build is pointing to
    but this has been deleted (probably to save space). Looking
    around, seems like this is a standard xen-3.0.2-2 directory,
    however I'm wondering about the content of the ".config" file,
    since I'll need the proper kernel configuration options to
    compile the ppp module.

    So I'm somewhat stuck, and before I contact the wowvps support,
    I was wondering what is the best way to address this, considering
    - I chose a xen-hosted VPS to be able to install kernel
    extensions etc,
    - I have an unmanaged account with wowvps, so I can't ask
    these guys to do too much technical work (even though their
    support and service has been pretty good)

    Any help would be appreciated at that point,

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    Did you check, if any of these modules work? :

    modprobe ppp_async
    modprobe ppp_generic
    modprobe ppp_mppe
    modprobe slhc

    You may ask support to compile or give you the sources and konfig for kernel. Or switch your vps to XEN-HVM.

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    Unfortunately, no ppp at all:

    /lib/modules/2.6.16-xenU$ find . -name "*ppp*"
    /lib/modules/2.6.16-xenU$ find . -name "*slhc*"

    I'll ask them for the source/configuration file then.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Well, wowvps support compiled and installed the missing modules,
    and everything's fine now. I'm very happy with the service
    I've been getting from Wowvps, and would heartily recommend these
    guys to anyone wanting to get a VPS !

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    Sorry posted in the wrong thread,
    Anyway glad its sorted
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