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    Arrow review my bandwidth-eating site plz...

    Hi All,

    Please review my free desktop wallpaper web site, I know I don't own the domain name at the moment but I used to and somebody robbed me off it. So, I haven't changed the site's name for the time being.

    Just thought I should let ua know about this.

    here';s the URL ...

    Complimentary or Critical, I'd like to hear your comments!

    Thanks in Advance

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    url not working now

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    How did they rob you of the domain?
    -Robert Norton

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    I bought a hosting package which contained a free domain and when I was about to leave them for a better hosting company, they let the domain go ... despite me telling them to renew it. Somebody else registered it as soon as it became available and i was left shattered!

    Now, i have turned to and hosting on free webhosts

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    as annoying as they are, I can't do anything to stop them from appearing on my site cuz of the free host. so, please bear with 'em for a while and review the site ....


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