Very cheap VPN accounts - $3.95/month!

We are now offering very cheap VPN (Virtual Private Network) accounts. With a VPN you can surf the web anonymously, access blocked web sites, hide your IP and access USA only web sites such as
Our VPN servers are located in USA and have 100Mbps connections on a multi gigabit backbone. Unlike other VPN offers we DO NOT oversell. So we commit only 30 VPN accounts per server. This is the best you can find anywhere. With us you will get broadband speed. And there is no bandwidth limit! If you're not satisfied with the speed we will refund your money, no questions asked!

Here is our special offer:
Plan-1: Monthly - $7.95/month
Plan-2: 3 monthly - $5.95/month
Plan-3: Yearly - $3.95/month

You can go to our web site and place your
You will receive your VPN account within 24 hours. (Usually instant if we're around)
PM me if you have any questions.