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Thread: SSL Issues...

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    SSL Issues...

    Hello all,

    I recently bought an SSL certificate to protect user data. I installed the cert in WHM. But when I go to my website in https://, my browser says (Safari cant open the page https://*domain name*/ because Safari cant establish a secure connection to the server *domain name*.)

    Do you know what's happening and how to fix it? I've never dealt with SSL before, so this is very frustrating.

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    try reinstalling it if you can - I installed one a few weeks ago on one of my private sites and it didn't work the first time for some reason, Had to reinstall and that seem to have done the trick.

    but does it work with other browsers?

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    Also make sure that it is not the firewall. Reinstalling it will generally fix things though
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    Darn it, I can't post the domain the normal way... It's power5 with the .net tld. and the cert should be installed on the same with the https, right? How would I go about seeing if it was the firewall? How would I change that?

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    it seems ssl certificate is not installed correctly for the domain. try assigning a free ip(Or changing to another IP) and install ssl for the domain again. Hope it helps

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    It is installed with a new dedicated IP address. If I try to install it with the shared IP, I get an error saying I need a dedicated IP.

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    yea you need a dedicated IP address for installing ssl. while installing ssl are u getting any errors?

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    There are no errors when installing. It seems to work fine, but when I go to the site, it doesn't work.
    Another bit of information: When I type in https:// then the dedicated ip address, the site shows up.

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    you will have to check the apache configuration file and check for the domains ssl settings.

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    Can you paste the error message that you are getting while trying to access the sites?

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    It's listed above, but here it is again. I can't post the domain name, so just enter my username .net... "Safari can’t open the page “https://*domain name*/” because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server “*domain name*”."

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    And how do I access the apache config file? sorry if that's a stupid question- this is a real learning experience for me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by power5 View Post
    And how do I access the apache config file? sorry if that's a stupid question- this is a real learning experience for me...
    Apache configuration file is /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

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    Did you try to connect it using other browser?
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    I've tried with Safari, Camino, & Firefox

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    Did you remember to change your dns to match the new ip?

    Now, the cert shows a browser warning. It is a self-signed cert issued by to Probably not the cert you wanted since you say you bought one.
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    Thank you for the heads up. I think I messed something up when trying to reinstall it.
    It's working! Now I just have to reinstall the purchased license, and I'll be fine. Thank you, everyone!

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    Oh that's nice

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