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    Question Am I experienced enough?

    I am currently hosting two sites on shared accounts, one is a forum and one is personal. So I total out $50 a month and I am debating on grabing another domain for my girlfriend (I wouldn't move more then 50 gigs a month). So, my forum is not that active but it shows performance issues when resources are low. Basically I am thinking of dedicated services now but I have a few questions.

    I am looking at because I am in Texas, and they have pops in Austin. But this really is not my concern at the moment. I want to know two things, can I manage a linux server and if I get another domain name, can I just add it to the box?

    Linux, I get scared about this because I can't build a kernel, or make things. I can however install a server, apache, php, and mysql. I know command line a little, like vi, top, cat, ls, tail, blah, blah, blah. So do I know enough for this? This leads me to the second question, I am worried that I will have to work in sendmail to add accounts, or create my own zone files (which I can't remember how). So if I add a domain name, shoud I be able to set everything up in the control panel, like mail server, accounts, dns, and email?

    Sorry, for so many questions. I really love my host but I can't afford their dedicated services and I will be spending the same amount soon for shared as opposed to some of the cheaper dedi solutions out there. Just scared to cancel my shareds.

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    If i were you, i would:

    1. Get a control panel on your box - such as Ensim or CPANEL.

    2. Get managed services on your box - not sure if rachshack sells them.


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    Ensim seems to be the standard because of price (my shareds have cpanel, but that is expensive). I keep reading about these people running dedicated boxes that don't even know what a shell or ssh is, so because I can't build a kernel (mainly because I never needed to) is why I should go managed?

    I guess my question should be reworded. What are some of the tasks that you dedicated owners use command line that can't be done in a control panel?

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    If you have a decent control panel you won't really need most full managed services. The control panel pretty much takes care of tasks even more complicated than you will probably need. It is good to have some understanding so you know what you're doing and how to fix something if it breaks. But if you really won't be doing anything other than throwing a couple of your own sites on it you would probably never need the managed services.

    Just depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

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    These are all personal sites that I run, so if they did die, it isn't the end of the world. So going dedicated, could I do this?

    1) register a domain name with my nameservers
    2) goto control panel and add the domain name
    3) setup the mx record as well
    4) add a site
    5) view it in 3 days when it propagates

    So if I had my own box I can add as many domains as I want (without paying more for hosting) as long as it doesn't go over the BW limitations?

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    that is correct.

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    heh, thats knowing more then mosts web hosts. If you feel like you need it, go get it. Managing something like that isent very hard, and if you know your way around a little bit, like you can configure the stuff, go for it.
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    grab a box with Ensim at Rackshack...

    Ensim takes care many tasks for you, like adding a site, create dns zone, create entries in sendmail, ftpd, .... etc and etc...

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