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    what does unmetered exactly mean?.Is it like unlimited?

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    Unmetered 'officially' means that it is not being kept track of - but many times that can be a bit of a lie.

    Perhaps if you give a little background on where you're seeing that, we could offer up some more info.

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    yes, basically it means that it won't be kept track of and that you can use all you want. I would suggest you check the TOS carefully of any host offering such a thing... just to make sure you don't get burned.

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    Personally I would consider unmetered to mean the same as unlimited, and therefore wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

    However, in some cases, you may be offered something like a "10-mbit unmetered cogent connection" where you can use all you want of that 10 mbit. The host has gone very cheap on the connection and uses cogent, and they couldn't afford routers that could track bandwidth either so they just offer unmetered.

    Perhaps I'm cynical - maybe they could afford decent routers... and maybe it isn't cogent.

    Bottom line is that this is a marketing strategy targeting people that are price shopping - not quality shopping. Ask yourself which you are shopping for.
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    In addition to the above post ...

    If someone offered you unmetered 10mbit bandwidth, it means that you are allowed to get the full potential of 10mbit bandwidth, but it also implies that the connection is capped to 10mbit burst rate. So, in essence it's like getting 10mbit pipe for yourself. However, as what's been said, you might want to be careful and make sure that you get what you thought you'll get.
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    * ive used one of those...

    yeah... I had an account a year ago with a company that had "unmetered" bandwidth... What they didnt tell you is that any file that you transfer that is more than like 5 megs, gets throttled (slowed) down to modem speeds. Web Hosting

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