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    VPSLand Review

    I have never used any VPS service before and was looking for VPS server using Google. I found to be top on the list so I decide to give it a try since they have one of the lowest monthly fee around (They have promotion for the first month 50% off !).

    I only subscribe for one month of service to try them out. I don't know about what other VPS provide but vpsland seems good enough for me. They have website that help me manage my VPS easily and I get exactly what they stated on their VPS plan. Their internet connection is very fast and the VPS is very stable. Restarting the VPS and coming back online took less than 2 minutes (most of the time is less than 1 mintue)

    So far, i didn't have any bad experience with them and I have extended my contract with them and see how it goes.

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    Hello, Could you please provide the Domain Name you have with them?
    - Or you can report it to the Moderators for verification.

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    I have heard a LOT of good things about VPSLand. I'm guessing the VPS Management Panel is HyperVM? I'm glad you checked out VPS. I'm sure you found yourself with a lot more room to play then with shared hosting.

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    I have been with them since 20-March-09 with te cheapest plan (I'll upgrade the next cycle). I am happy, the performance is ok, but I cannot recommend to anyone. The uptime is not ok for everybody. In my case, there have been a few outages, two of them lasted several hours(about 10). For me it has not been critical since I have a second vps to which I backup constantly and continue working with that one when that happens. But if I had to rely on this vps only, it would have been problematic. I have a domain juegomental . cl pointed to them, but not really a webpage, I run other services. A bit faster for me though is turbovps (pincha . cl is my domain) the fastest vps I have used, altough I just started to stress it yesterday (my vpsland vps had an outage yesterday)

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    am sorry I said "two of them lasted several hours(about 10)." I meant about 10 hours, not 10 outages. Just to be clear!
    There haven been 4 or 5 outages (vps down) only in total. And one of them was solved inmediately (I entered and all services were just closed but VPS were already up)

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    ouch am already spamming I was wrong, memory confused the vps.. there were only 3 outages only with vpsland. The 3 I mentioned: On 3rd april, 2 may and yesterday. Nothing more. Not that bad.

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    That's a lot of outages :O

    @cougar, they use virtuozzo

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    Oh. I never actually looked at their offerings. I have seen a lot of reviews, and a few clients who speak highly of them.

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    That's a good ol' review. There was a short period of time (few months) when they went a bit... hazy and some bad reviews popped up. But glad to see they are continuing to strive and may your term with them go on for a long time

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