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    Just thought id drop a few notes on my VPS expericance,

    Iv been with 4 VPS companys, my current is which i am writing about today, which for a change is to comment on the good which i dont do very offten

    Iv been looking for a VPS provider for a while now, and to be honist its not been an easy task, basicly the main things i was looking for is:
    good support
    and finally cost

    The first thing that i noticed about this company is its support towards customers, yes its nice when they reply to our questions, but its even better when they treat you as a person, one of the things i hate is when they treat every client as just another dump customer.

    So with that said, VPSRight dose have, in my opinion, first class support. some of my problems have been stupid, pretty much me getting confused over nothing, but even then i got support that was brilliant.

    Now on the side of performance, this, from what i have seen, seems to be one of VPSRight's main aims, they seem to make sure that there servers are running perfectly and if one spits the dummy, which lets face it they do somtimes, they correct this as soon as they are aware of the problem rather then just hide and hope it gos away, which to me is the best and only way to deal with it.

    so moving onto what most people look at first, tho its not really the most inportant, it dose help, it cost.
    We have all seen expensive providers, we have all seen cheap providers, but its finding one that offers good support and performance at a good price, well you probally already know isnt easy, somtimes seems inpossable. Some people say you pay for what you get, well i used to beleave that at one point, now, well i beg to differ, VPSRight has provided me with excellent performance along with excellent support and the best of it is? it dosnt burn a hole in my pocket.

    So thats my views, which for a change is good

    In a nut shell
    Support is excellent, we get treat as a human
    Performance is first class
    cost is brilliant

    thanks for reading.


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    Your domain with them?

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    Thank you for you kind words StaticPhilly!

    We really do appreciate them

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    I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful experience with the company. Best of luck to you and the company in the future as you build your client / company relationship. Also, please keep us updated on your service. Thanks again
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    Oh yah .. Man i been with them for about 10 Days Now , Had some truble in the began but all Ok Now . John is Nice Guy , and about Dumb thing Yah i agree Some they Thing if you That Dumb How come you running a website .. Well i never been with VPS . not much in linux .. So wht can i do rather than Ask . The Price is Very Good .. A+

    I was Going write my Review but . nothing much i can say . have to give them Thumbs Up ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by StaticPhilly View Post
    my current is
    Would you please provide a domain name that you have hosted there to verify your review? If you'd rather not post it publicly, please report your post and do it there, which will open a help desk ticket.
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by onasre View Post
    i been with them for about 10 Days Now
    Same question, please.
    Having problems, or maybe questions about WHT? Head over to the help desk!

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    sure is the primary domain,
    front end is

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    Thank you for your review of their services. Their VPS pricing looks just 'right' but I do think they need to get a logo, it lets the rest of the layout down.

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    We are planning on getting a new design. It's been in the workshop now for about a month or so, should be available soon!

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    My site's is
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    i m working with VPSRIGHT now and my domain is in my signature

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