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    Looking for static file hosting

    I am looking for a static file host, but I am not sure what direction to look in.

    Currently, the resource usage looks like this:

    Space: Less than 1GB (Max needed ~5 GB)
    Bandwidth: 319.53 GB/Month (~3700 Downloads)

    It is for a Linux Distro, but soon I will be releasing a new version and suspect the number of downloads to increase. For what it is worth, it is incorporated as a Non-profit at the state level and will be seeking 501(c)(3) status.

    As this project is supported by contributions, I feel it is only prudent to seek a cost-effective method for distributing the files. Thanks for the time.

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    With that amount of bandwidth you are likely looking at a VPS.

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    What does your budget look like each month? I'm guessing you don't host the distro yourself. But, that bandwidth usage is pretty high for static. I would probably consider a VPS. If you can't find a VPS in your budget, maybe look at hostgator or bluehost. I know they offer PHP, but this may come in handy for you eventually with forums and other scripts you may want.

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    I am sorry about my confusing use of the term static. This is not for hosting the static elements of the web site, but rather the iso files which would not require PHP or CGI. This usage is with us already also offering bit torrent download options.

    The iso will be up to CD-sized and obviously poses a great bandwidth problem.

    I was considering hosting the site and the iso files separately to prevent the ISO from using the bandwidth for the site which only uses 8-10GB/Month.

    I wish I had a figure monthly to give, but rather I am looking at this to determine how much I should try to raise a month (and adjust my strategy accordingly).

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    If you mean file hosting for distributing Linux distro, maybe you can try, they have huge space and data transfer, also they allowing you to store file for entire of your space.

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    Well I just posted a reply to contact me, but forgot it was against the TOS. Sorry about that. But anyways. I might be able to help you. I purchased a domain and hosting and don;t use the hosting aspect. All I need it for is email. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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