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    Exclamation Web Host and Webmaster forum names, and also a VPS and domainwhois name for sale!

    Hey guys, I bought up a bunch pf the .info domains when they went on sale with the intention of building them all up but, I just don't have time to get to all of them!

    I have a few I'm not going to use:

    Created: 2009-02-16Expires: 2010-02-16

    Created: 2009-02-16Expires: 2010-02-16

    Created: 2009-02-16Expires: 2010-02-16

    Created: 2009-02-16Expires: 2010-02-16

    Created: 2009-07-02Expires: 2010-07-02

    And MAYBE these: (for the right price)

    BLOGGERZ.INFO Noo itroduction needed with this one!
    Created: 2009-02-16Expires: 2010-02-16

    CHEAPCLIENTSUPPORT.COM This one and the next 3 would be great for an outsourced support company!
    Created: 2009-06-24Expires: 2010-06-24

    Created: 2009-06-24Expires: 2010-06-24

    Created: 2009-06-24Expires: 2010-06-24

    SUPPORTDESK.INFO A GREAT name for any outsourced support co, or any hosting business!
    Created: 2009-02-14Expires: 2010-02-14

    DOMAINNAMEWHOIS.INFO (was going to be a domain whois database but, no time!)
    Created: 2009-07-02Expires: 2010-07-02

    FREECPANEL.INFO Parker on the domain below
    Created: 2009-07-02Expires: 2010-07-02

    THEBESTFREEHOST.INFO (right now is a free host directory w/ a little traffic
    Created: 2009-07-02Expires: 2010-07-02

    FREEWHM.INFO Great for a free reseller site. Its parked on mine now!
    Created: 2009-07-02Expires: 2010-07-02

    All of the above domains are registered at Godaddy, and I will push the domain to the buyers account free of charge.

    Payments are to be made using PayPal, or a credit or debit are only.If you're interested in any or all of the domain, please feel frre to contact me with an offer by PM'ing me here, or emailing me at admin AT afreewebhost DOT com.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Adding a few that I recently picked up.

    8/4/2010 (Wow!, nice name for any business that offers any type of rental service!)

    8/5/2010 (for MD. information / for medical doctor info)

    8/4/2010 (4 char. .com, and the first 3 letters spell a word!)

    8/5/2010 (hard to find, short domain with 3 of the same letter.)

    8/5/2010 (hard to find! All 3 char .info's soon to be gone!)

    If you're interested in any of these, please contact me at admin AT


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