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    How to sync w/IMAP servers?

    Hello all,

    I have a question here that has been bugging me for a while and I can't seem to find an adequate solution. Currently I have email hosted service through with about 1000 users who are signed up and about 600 actively using it.

    When I contacted to ask them about exporting the usernames, passwords, and data, I got a staunch NO! When I spoke with support even more, they indicated they would charge a hefty fee just to get the usernames and passwords sent to me in a text file. Upon further discussions they did admit that they would open up the IMAP protocol to their servers and allow me to gain access that way. But syncing / exporting would be my responsibility.

    So with that said, I would REALLY like to move those email people off of that service and onto my own hosted server. I am still in the process of deciding which web-client/server solution to use (suggestions??). Preserving account usernames, passwords, as well as data structure, (folders, emails, attachments, etc) is a priority here.

    I figured I could purchase the username/passwords from the company, find a script that imports them into my new server. Then discover a way to IMAP sync the two servers.

    Is this possible? Has anyone ever dealt with the HORRIBLE service?



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    No answer, but would love to know

    I also have a similar number of users hosted with and am looking for any way to move to either another hosted email provider or to our own servers. I too would need help figuring out the migration and getting everything moved over quickly and accurately.

    If you find out anything or if there is anyone who things they can help please let me know.

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    Have you read about imapsync/imapcopy? I can't put a link to our blog on this forum per the rules but it's there with the details on how to do a full email migration. You do need the password to each account however.

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    Thanks for the info on Imapsync. I did check it out and it appears it would offer the solution for grabbing data from

    Though has anyone used this before to give me advice to cut down on the learning curve time for this??

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