This service is mostly for people with low to no experience with computer hardware, Nazmus Computers is here to help those out within the NYC Area.

Nazmus Computers is building custom computers for anyone in the New York City area. Custom built computers are great for anyone wanting to build a computer based on a specific agenda. We build custom computers for students for their school and homework needs, we build custom computers for Gamers for their gaming needs, and we build custom home computers for the entire family to use.

Nazmus Computers is run by Nazmus located in Jamaica, Queens with a lot of experience with computer Hardware. Please visit for further information on the service and rates. Discounts are available during the summer, please email us at [email protected] with your request of a custom computer.

We also do custom upgrades for your premade computers, whether you need a new CPU installed, a new Graphics card installed, or even a new hard drive to add on top of the one you already have, we will be able to help you depending on your current computer capabilities. Contact us for more info.

Please note: Payments for computer parts must be made ahead of time, payment for service may be made after the computer has been delivered. Free in-person delivery by Nazmus if client is within New York City (excluding Staten Island). Shipping via UPS, FedEx, or USPS is available upon request, but client must provide shipping price.

All computer products take approximately a week to complete and deliver, in certain cases of defective parts, the deadline may be extended but discounts will be given.

Please contact Nazmus Computers for further information, we are taking orders immediately.