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    Hetzner - speeds from eastern canada/north america

    I was just wondering if anyone here currently has dedicated servers with Hetzner and is from Eastern Canada or US.

    I get good speeds from both Rapidswitch and Worldstream, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised with Worldstream as I get not so good speeds from some of the providers in the netherlands. I was wondering what kinds of speeds I would get from Hetzner.

    If anyone has a 10-20mb test file I could download from their server that would be great, it would be a birthday present as today is my birthday.

    Yes I already emailed support asking for a test file.

    Thank you!

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    why not ask hetzner directly for test ip? Half Dedicated Half Price
    We provide affordable VPS hosting solution Singapore datacenter

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    They wont provide a test file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustelekom View Post
    Thank you so very much!

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