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    How to detect is it dns or http down?

    If i put on uptime checker,and downtime is detected,downtime will be reported if dns is down or if http server is down.So question is what i need to do to see what exactly went down?For network uptime i can ping ip adress,but for these two i really don't know.

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    You can ping the domain, if the domain does not resolve, the chances are the DNS or the entire server is down. If the DNS resolves and gives a reply, but website does not open, then the web server may be down. If the DNS server is on another server, then the chances are that the entire server in which the web server resides may be down.
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    To detect if it is a DNS problem you can use dig :

    # dig @your.nameserver your.domain
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    for dns use dig.
    for http telnet to port 80 on your server.
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