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    Using so called unusable addresses in a network.

    By mistake I moved a OpenVZ VPS and set it up on the Network Address of a subnet. In the control panel of my datacenter no distinction was made between this address and the other usable addresses of the subnet. Still the same I am somehow accessing the new location all right. There is a weird mail queue on the new location that tries to send mail with local destination to the old server though. I also see some weird efects in Linux that ping gives an old address while dig gives a new address, but that might not be related.

    Can somebody explain in simple terms what could be the disadvantage of this use of the Network Adddress or the trouble it could cause. My control panel doesn't allow mass IP change in the DNS so it is a lot of work to change them again, not to talk about the DNS confusion it will bring.

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    Since there is no way to correct this off-topic post of mine, I will have to cut and paste it in the right subject. Sorry!

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