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    q8200 and q6600,which one is better for shared hosting server ?


    it is difficult to find q6600 now,

    the cache of q6600 is larger than q8200,

    i want to ask for shared hosting server,

    is q8200 better than q6600 ?


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    Well, the Q8200 is a newer architecture so it should be pretty close to the Q6600, you might also be able to push more for a Q9400.
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    Vote goes to the Q6600. At the same time I suppose you need to add more on the operating system and web server level to have the best performance.
    But sure if ypu want to you will be able to go with apache

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiberForum View Post
    Vote goes to the Q6600. At the same time I suppose you need to add more on the operating system and web server level to have the best performance.
    But sure if ypu want to you will be able to go with apache
    im sorry,

    do you mean add more what ??


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    Quote Originally Posted by ttgt View Post
    im sorry,

    do you mean add more what ??

    He means that you should add more money when you buy the server to upgrade the OS and web server architecture to get the best performance out of it.

    I think both the Q8200 and a Q6600 are both good processors for shared hosting servers. However, because of the larger cache of the Q6600 which decreases the time needed to access memory.
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    They will give very similar results. Q8200 is a newer architecture but the performance is very similar.

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    i with Q6600 it's good larger cache
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    On synthetic benchmarks, Q8200 outperforms Q6600 by about 10%, even with the lower cache. This shows the importance of the newer architecture.
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    I don't think you will feel any difference between these two processors but i would go with the new architecture in the Q8200, like said it outperforms in benchmarks.

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    A Q6600 will overclock much higher than the Q8200, mainly due to higher multiplier on the chip. It is doubtful you will be doing this in a hosting environment, therefore your performance gains will be marginal when comparing stock chips. The architecture on the Q6600 is 65nm and the Q8200 is 45nm, this means less heat and power consumption for the Q8200 at full load.
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    Q6600 has more cache true but Q8200 performs better on many tests.

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    I would say go with the Q8200, although the Q6600 has a large cache the overall performance of the Q8200 is higher on numerous benchmark tests.

    I would also suggest looking into the Q9400 if it is not much more, you will see a great performance gain in this chip.
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    Which provider are you looking at for this particular machine? Unfortunately, the 6600 is being slowly replaced due to it being EOL. But you should be able to find a decent provider with 6600 availability. Otherwise, your not going to see much of a performance difference either way with the 8200 if not gain a little more in certain areas.
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    Q8200 it's really good..

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    No more difference between Q6600 and Q8200. Choose a processor that cheaper or direct upgrade to Q9400 or Q9550 ! That's better

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    Are you planning to put Linux if so apache is good. If you planning to go windows go with Abyss Web Server from . Because apache is crap on windows.

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