I have one left of the following that I would like to sell ASAP:

2U AMD XP2000 (1.66GHz) - 60GB IDE, 512MB Ram, and 300GB of transfer for $149 month and a 1-time setup fee of $99.

RedHat 7.3 with updates installed, or can be redone with BSD or *Nix.

Includes 300GB of actual transfer, not 95%.

Dedicated 10/100Mbs switch port with real-time MRTG stats.

Specs for network:
Remote reboot via APC switches is an extra $15 per month per power port.

We can install Plesk or Ensim, one time cost or monthly lease available, please email us for pricing.

These are unmanaged offerings, please ask for our rates on fully managed services.

Bandwidth is billed at actual in/out transfer rates, not 95%.

Yes, you can burst up to 100Mbs.

Remote reboot available via our 7x24 800 #.

Remote hands/eyes available for $85 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge.

Realtime MRTG and totalizer stats available 7x24, on-line ticket system, email and phone support, etc.

Bandwidth is on a nationwide OC3/12 or OC48 network with OC48 around the Northern VA, DC, MD area with 40+ peering partners both public and private.

You can traceroute to and test download speed at Location 2

Do you need more bandwidth? A half or full rack? 5, 10, 50, 100Mbs? We can custom quote any requests, please email [email protected] with your needs.

Thanks for your continued support WHT!