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    Setup of DNS Server

    I have a Windows 2003 server delicated server with one IP.Now I purchase another two IP from my ISP.How do I setup a DNS server like on my server?

    If I have a domain at godaddy?How do I setup the domain so that I can have setup on my server to act as DNS server?

    If I do that,that means my DNS server is dependent on godaddy's DNS?

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    No, setting it up that way, GoDaddy would only tell users where to go (your DNS server) to get zone answers.

    But, unless there is a reason you need to do this, why not just point DNS *from* GoDaddy, since they already offer free DNS hosting with any domain? It's actually a very good service. Some complain about the interface, but I like it myself.

    This would save you having to setup and manage DNS locally, unless you just need to for some reason. If you have services on your 2003 server this DNS points to, if your server was down, you can even get to your DNS to change, say, your www A record to some "sorry, we are down" page instead of "host not found", which would happen if you also served DNS from that same server.
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    Yeah I agree with mugo.
    In the event that you need to run your own DNS, I suggest using or for backup DNS. Don't run DNS on two ip's on your server, just run one DNS there and the rest as backup.

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    Some companies provide paid service as well. You can pay one company for a Backup DNS. It's not that expensive.

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