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    ★★★ Sleek Web Hosting Template for sale XHTML / CSS Service Available $95★★★

    We are selling this PSD Template for $95, this includes the PSD only, we are more than happy to change colors of the theme, create a custom logo and even slice this psd into valid XHTML / CSS website!

    You can hire us on a flat rate of only $35 / Hour!

    Please feel free to ask questions.

    We are more than happy to create a plans page in PSD for an additional $35!

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    PSD Only? We dont get the fonts that you used on the menus or anything?

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    $95 PSD includes

    Turn your PSD into a valid XHTML template $130

    Custom Plans page PSD $35, XHTML $45 "must buy the template"

    Package Deal $150
    PSD Template and Plans Page
    Valid XHTML for the two pages

    Additional services $35 / hour

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    ★★★Update August 2nd - Limited Time Offer★★★

    FREE Plans Page Designed
    FREE XHTML Coding for home page and plans page, additional rates at $35 / page!

    Additional services including custom logo design $35 / hour

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    it's too much sumple

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    ★★★Buy it now lowered to $60 for PSD and $80 for Coding!★★★

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    hmm sure i've seen that before, you selling on any other forums?

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    No, I have never listed this template before, please email me a link to where you saw this, if this is indeed a copy "I hope not" I will delete the thread, I am not a copier and this was designed from scratch.


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