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    Anti virus resller / lisences


    Somebody knows if there is possible to resell lisences for anti virus software ? Im currently running a local biz that offer computer software and hardware repair. And we want to offer our clients virus software, installed through remote desktop or when their pc is on our workshop/office.

    A solution where we bought lisence when we needed it through the internet and got the setup file and serial/key right away.

    Anybody familiar with with any solutions/company that offers this ?

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    I think most paid AV have a volume license discount or affiliate program (see below). Check out their websites for details

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajanUrs View Post
    I think most paid AV have a volume license discount or affiliate program (see below). Check out their websites for details
    There you go but what happend's if you install the serial on a computer and now the owner let's say paid you $60.00 for the software and now they gave the key to there family to use and you run out of the amount of time's that serial can be installed? Simply boil's down to you losing out. I think he need's to find another resource...

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    Im really just looking for a way to buy a lisence, in my clients name through a "serious" anti-virus software devloper like Norman, Norton and F-Secure.

    But to reduce time, and the cost of buying 10 lisences/boxes to have in our office. We would like to save time, money and boxes to just have a setup file, and access to generate/get serial keys that we soo then get invoiced for/prepays.

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    528 We reseller nod32 and smartsecurity from them

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