Hi All,

I'm Carl, CEO of CobaltWeb.com.
As I was starting to get bored on this calm Sunday afternoon, I decided to launch a quick special promo. We just received a lot of new servers and I want to fill them up ASAP.

In case you need static-content hosting, I'm willing to make you a special, personal deal during the next two hours. Our lowest rate is $0.30/GB, but I'm confident that during this special sale, I'll give you a better price. The lowest price on the market.
Please only request a quote if you'd want to buy +/-70GB per month or more. The more you want, the lower my price will be. Legal adult content is allowed.

These plans are intended for static content only. Actually, you'll get a customised Monster account (only the price will be different) : http://www.cobaltweb.com/monsterplan.htm

So, two hours from now. Send me an email with your desired bandwidth quota and I'll get back to you.
Please keep any quote you get from me private.
My email address is [email protected]

Thank you,