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    Electronic Music with 800 uniques monthly

    Is a SPANISH wordpress blog under cpanel around electronic music, and exist a backup of the current content in Blogger (the authors every post do in both places)

    Domain is t a g m i x e and is in uk2(, expires may 2010

    Reserve : 40 USD
    End date : 31 aug or BIN 200 USD
    Accept verified paypal or Moniker funds.

    Forbidden to bid: Colombia`s Users. Reason: I Am dealing now with a massive scam with simulated users in Colombia in other site issue (non related)

    Stats: Available, i can give u temporarly access to cpanel.

    Include Hosting to 15 sep
    Domain name
    around 758 articles.
    Push of the blogger blog
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    Each registrar is a tool. Not all Tools are for the same thing

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