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    Post Needed Windows Server/Computer with remote access and dynamic IP

    I am looking for a windows based server/computer..
    OS preferrably XP or any windows.
    I am not looking for a server to host my website..but I need a computer
    located in the US for remote browsing.
    It needs to be connected to a
    dynamic DSL connection, preferably behind a Linksys router.
    So that I can get a fresh IP.

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    If you are looking or Windows Remote Desktop Hosting try

    Basically you get a ip where you can use windows remote desktop, and their servers are located in the US.
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    A VPS should be fine for your requirements since you will be getting Remote Desktop access with it. What is your budget?
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    my budget cap is $20/month.. and I should be able to get dynamic IPs
    or atleast buy many IPs at a cheap rate for surfing

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