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    StartLogic Affiliate Program - Beware

    I wanted to make you guys aware of StartLogic's new policy and how under-handed they have been with me. I've been promoting their program for a few months and have lately been realizing that my commissions were much less than what was "estimated". Thousands of dollars in commissions were turning into checks for $100.

    When I inquired about this, after 20 days of waiting for them to research it, they said the following:

    "It appears that the affiliate sales in question are not eligible for commission payment as they do not meet the guidelines of our affiliate program. Specifically, all of the sites have the same template and do not appear to be unique websites."

    After checking their terms of service it mentioned nothing of this. Not once anywhere in the terms did it mention anything regarding unique content.

    The affiliate manager refuses to talk to me and tickets regarding this issue go unanswered. I just now realized that as of this week (7/31/09) they updated their terms and conditions to "prohibit any commission on any type of business opportunity program."

    Since I was promoting a cookie-cutter affiliate system I'm not eligible. However, they still will gladly allow the person to host these types of sites they just won't pay commissions on them.

    I'm fine with whatever their terms are. It's within the right of any company to change them to best suit their needs. What really frustrates me is that they mentioned nothing of the change and while I was promoting the program I was in full compliance.

    If you have plans on promoting StartLogic beware.

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    That sounds like it sucks and it dose. Sorry that that had happen to you.

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    Bugger... You should be entitled to your money though.
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    If the affiliate manger refuses tot talk to you why don't contact the CEO?
    Possibly that will solve the problem

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    I love it when the rules change in the middle of the game, and they apply retroactively. One can only hope that karma will have one of their supplies to the same onto them. In the mean time, there are lots of other hosts out there with high paying affiliate programs. No reason to despair.

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    What does a sale has to do with the content of the site? If they treat affiliates this way... they do not understand the more the sales the better for them...

    Try to talk to the owner, ceo etc. to find a solution - good luck.
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    It looks like you were trying to screw them, no? According to that message it says the same person signed up your affiliate links multiple times.

    Do you blame them? I don't.
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    How are your referral stats?

    Did one month get a huge spike in referrals?

    I feel for you man - I also run a web hosting site that is based off referrals. It sucks to think you just banked $100 on a sale only to see is subtracted from your account months later.

    What is your sale to refund rate with StartLogic? Maybe it's time to find a new program to promote?
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    I assume that would be interested to here another part and hear of their explanations. Perhaps OP will get some of the compensation from them
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    I'd like to know why all the sites were the same.

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