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    learning about webhosting

    Hello, I'm currently trying to learn more about the web hosting industry like about vps and colo and dedi servers also about what system admins do and more info can some one post or email me a big letter or something that you already have wrotin up or even post a link

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    You can find a lot of resources just by reading threads here on WHT. Also, try checking out the WHT Wiki over here:

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    Yes there are plenty of resources on the internet. Ask one question at a time on WHT about whatever you want to know. I'm sure anyone will try their best to help you out.
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    There are literally thousands upon thousands of resources out there. You should check out the dedicated server section for more on colo/dedicated servers. There are loads of topics in this forum on just about everything on web hosting.

    The hard part is sifting through the hundreds of thousands of other posts out there.
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    Yes, I'm sure you can be able to learn lot through this forum day by day with having regular participation on this WHT forum about the webhostings concepts.
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