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    Arrow Site5 down this morning?

    Site5 appears to have suffered a major DNS hit. and DNS2.SITE5.COM are both down, they respond to ping but not to any DNS lookups. All my sites/email are down. Even is dead.

    I can FTP into my site's IP address and see all the files are there (whew) so hopefully once DNS comes back everything will be OK again.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on?

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    I have the same problem. Even Site5 website is down!

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    I've been searching everywhere from some word from them, but so far have found nothing. Does anyone know if it is just their DNS? If so I'll change the nameservers for my hosted sites and set the hosting IP as appropriate.

    Update: They've posted on Twitter:
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    We're experiencing a DNS-related outage. Updates are being posted on our twitter account (@site5). The problem appears to be a permissions issue related to a new rpm CentOS pushed.
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    Please discard new CentOS - revert whatever was there.
    We do not use twitter for virus related problems. Please keep posting here or keep sending email to email addresses on account, please.

    Any phone number or working email addt of yours, please?

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