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    This time its a rant!

    Ok many of you may have read my dedicated review of singlehop,
    I got a refund and moved to a new host.

    I worked very hard on wednesday to build my traffic and it was the highest its evr been, yesterday my site was down all day and is still down, my traffic sunk by 83% back to the type of numbers I was getting at the start.

    My host just says try now every-time i contact them, what the hell is wrong with the world?

    I am new to hosting and very confused I am on their top vps $129 per month and my site is down??
    Why is it so hard to get someone who cares?
    Aren't these people running a business?

    It's so bad that I'm seriously considering just giving up on my site, obviously I'm not yet skilled enough to run my own server which is why I thought managed was so high priced, I though if I had a problem they can help?

    A knowledgeable friend says it's definitely some kind of problem with apache, I don't know but obviously my host doesn't either - is this real life?

    If anyone can suggest a host that actually cares, a host who can keep a site up and running for more than a few days please let me know by pm, is this all happening because I dont believe in jesus?


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    Are you on a managed VPS? If so, they should be able to optimzie your VPS's Apache and MySQL to improve performance, but if your website is really getting too many hits it will eventually start slowing down, but you haven't mentioned any exact numbers or what spec your current VPS is running, as well as what software you are running.
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    Yes it's managed.

    They say they have tried to optimize.

    The site its nowhere near its BW limit.

    What specs should I share?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pwolly View Post
    Yes it's managed.

    They say they have tried to optimize.

    The site its nowhere near its BW limit.

    What specs should I share?

    start with:

    visits per day, hits per day, bandwidth consumption, database usage, a general description of the type of site.

    the vps specs.

    the underlying hardware specs.

    You might consider moving to a specialist provider. True managed servers cost a *whack* of a lot more than $129. The fact that it's a vps makes no difference. Managed servers are labor intensive and labor costs the same whether logging onto a vps or a dedicated server.
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    pwolly, you just had some bad luck. I know this must be frustrating but eventually your problem will be solved.
    As plumsauce mentioned above you could pay someone specializaed in system administration in order to get a quick fix or to at leat get some explanations about why your site is down. Paying one time someone can lead to a quick resolution to your problem.
    You will also get help here on WHT but the quickest way to solve your problems is to find someone to fix the problems for you.
    Even if the VPS is managed , plumsauce explained that a true managed service costs a lot more and he is right.
    The "try now" phrase is used a lot, maby on their end everything is working ok.
    I haven't read your review about singlehop and why did you left them but if you had simillar problems it may be your site who is causing all this.

    Follow plumsauce advices and give us some more details.
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