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    Anyone Have VPS with WAVEWEB ?

    I'm going to order vps from anyone using them and what were your experience with them?

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    I have a friend who has one, and he has said nothing but good things about them...
    FazeWire Web Services.
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    I strongly suggest searching WHT ( Don't forget to use Google, Yahoo or Bing because each search engine will provide you with different information. This will allow for you to see more then whats on WHT. If you do decide to go with them would you please keep us updated on the level of service and quality they provide. Best of luck to you!
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    I have had vps with them (now have dedicated server).
    I will just write short.
    they are awesome.
    they really have '15 minute ticket reply' support thats what I like in them most.
    and they do cooperate with everything they can(even when I mess up things) , so you never feel alone.
    I would recommend them.

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    I use WaveWeb for all my servers. There really good and the level of support provided is excellent.

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