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    Email Blocking

    Hi I have an account as a Reseller on *** hosting company and lately I am having too many problems with my clients email accounts. The problem is that every 2 or 3 days my server ip address is blocked by other internet providers as a result my clients are not able to send email to those providers. The reason is that other users sharing that server not my clients are sending spam, so I have to send a request to my hosting company and then they will send a request and I have to wait for 2 days so things can come back to normal. Also I request from them to give me my own dedicate ip address but they told me that this will not solve the problem.

    Can you please suggest me a solution to this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Easy answer would be to move to another hosting company. If you're sharing a server with spammers, it's going to effect you more and more in the long run.

    The shared server IP will be getting blacklisted by places like spamhaus etc and that cannot be good for you. Most likey all if not the majority of their ip blocks are going to be on antispam rbl's which is why a dedicated IP will change nothing.

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    thank you for the quick reply. i will try another hosting company and see how it goes

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    Hae you spoken to your host? usually if there getting blacklisted that quick maybe somethings not setup right ie RDNS or SPF Records.
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    In my own experience - I can advise you the following :

    1) Contact your hosting provider and specify about such spam blocking ;

    2) Request them to check mail logs and queue - bulk mails and senders should be suspended (as I understood that's shared or reseller server);

    3) Probably ask them about your account transfer to another server - or totally change your hosting provider in case of no proper reply.

    Good luck

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    thanks I will try this

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    You need to wask your web hosting provider to work with the other email providers you are having troubles with.
    But that might happen again and again so better find another company

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    I will suggest check your server ip address on blacklist or not.
    If the ip addresses used for spamming then it will be hard for you to solve the problem.
    Ask your web hosting company for help.
    Best solution is find better company and your problem will be automatically solved.

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    Make sure you're clients are not mass sending emails, or it by default by certain sites, they might block the email or send it to spam.

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    if its a single IP block, you could try to request a dedicated IP for your clients - if it's a full class block, then that's another issue - It's terrible when it happens, 99% of the time, it's not the host's fault, you can't track every email going out of the server no matter how great of a spam detection system you have.

    good luck getting this fixed. I know how annoying it can be.

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