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    Looking for partners


    I'm looking for partners, basically technical sales, someone or a couple of people who know what they are doing.
    I have several servers up, fast servers, 4x quad cores with 12GB of ram, the only downfall is that the servers have only 250gb of ram and that's all I can afford as of right now.

    I need partners who can take over the servers and use it as their own and I'll just be taking a percentage of what they make off these servers.

    I pay for the servers, the speed, the hardware and etc. the only thing I don't pay for is an os reload. It gets ridiculous, if you know what you're doing and can't afford servers and the expenses of them then I have them supplied.

    Here is the breakdown:

    I have about 10 servers that can be used.

    2 are currently being used by myself and a partner, but they can be broken down into larger vm's which have vmware and citrix xenserver on them.
    These have 1gb hard drives, I can sacrifice 500gb from these servers at your disposal with 6gb ram and 8 cpu's.

    The other 8 dedicated servers are intel xeon 4x quad cores at 2.4ghz 12GB ram and 250gb hard drives. these are the nehalem cpu's.

    Basically, I will be taking 60% of whatever you bring in, there will be a contract, at least 1 year commitment. Serious partners only. I am very busy.

    I will need read access to your billing system and will have full root privileges to (your\my servers) as well, since they will be owned by me.

    I will make sure they stay up and etc.

    Please contact me via email at [email protected] or contact me via msn messenger with the same email address.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by initialone View Post
    the servers have only 250gb of ram and that's all I can afford as of right now.
    I don't think your servers have 250GB of RAM each .

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    Not quite sure who would do it for that kind of percentage.
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    There is only 1 3rd party company I allow access to my billing system, my accountants, and even then they are held to a very strict contract before they were even allowed access, even if it is only to one page.

    Unless you are willing to sign a pretty strict NDA/Non Compete contract then I doubt anyone would allow you access to their billing system.

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    It seems to be a useless deal , as there is not enough scope to do something with the servers. No one will grant the access to the billing system and no one will give you 60%

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    I would suggest reducing your percentage to say 35% and then once they reach enough to pay for the server they can buy the server from you at a reduced price monthly. That way they can switch from a percentage to a set monthly rate. still making you a profit.

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    40 ?? that too a fair percentage I believe.
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    Bruce, are you going to cover all licensing costs and etc?

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