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    EU Server...Need One. All server providers please look

    Dell(TM) PowerEdge(TM) 1950 MLK Rack Mount Server
    Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon Pro E5405 2GHz, 12MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB
    Motherboard for PowerEdge(TM) 1950
    SAS RAID 6i(3 HDD) and one HDD for standalone
    PERC 6/i Integrated Controller Card 6
    Documentation of PERC6i & PERC6E Card (English)
    8GB (4x2GB), 667MHz, ECC, Dual-Rank, Fully-Buffered DIMMs Memory
    146GB, 2.5'', 10Krpm, SAS Hard Drive, Hotplug
    CentOS 5.X 32-bit
    Dell(TM) OpenManage(TM) Software Kit for PowerEdge(TM) 1950
    Intel PRO 1000PT Dual Port Server Adapter Gigabit NIC Cu PCIe x4
    Dell Remote Access Card, 5th Generation for PowerEdge Remote Management
    Rapid/Versa Rails(TM) for PowerEdge(TM) 1950/SC1435, Universal
    USB to PS2 Adapter for KVM Connectivity
    Power Cord with IEC C13-C14 plugs for UPS/PDU connection
    Power Cord for normal power plug
    Redundant Power Supply (670W)
    BW: ~1000 Gigabyte/month

    Ok...So I'm looking for a dedicated server with the above specs. Anyone who can tell me where to find such offers?

    Just within EU. UK, DE or NL preferred.

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    Probably LeaseWeb.
    High Bandwidth Servers
    Custom Hosting Solutions

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    Is a Dell server really a demand or would other hardware also be fine with sort-a-like specs? - Online in no time
    Dedicated Servers in [EU] Netherlands with DAILY support, also on weekends
    DDOS Protected network - 100% Money Back if it doesn't work for you
    Streaming / IPTV allowed | Up to 10 Gbit ports | 100% Network Uptime

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    What is your budget for this?

    Wholesale Direct International Sip Termination & UK Numbering (DID's/DDI's)
    Over 250 Direct Interconnects with guarnateed CLI/FAX | SIP & TDM Interconnectivity | Instant SIP Trunking at unbeatable rates

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    what other services are you looking for e.g. manged OS, remote hands, firewall, 24/7?

    IMHO, you should not have huge difficulties to find a service provider for your needs

    Datacenter Luxembourg
    sglange AT dclux DOT com

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    No need for managed OS.
    Remote reboot would be lovely. Firewall - no need. 24/7 standby techs in case my server blows up or something and can give a temporary solution within 4 hours

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    That shouldn't be any problem to get from any provider, just search google and send some request on quotes from the different provider you find. There are so many providers that I think we need some more info to give you an exact match, what budget do you have? Do you want high class connection or is any connection fine?

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    Need to know what sort of budget you're expecting this within though, so we can make recommendations based on it.
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    can i know your budget for such server

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    IMHO, you should not have to many difficulties to find a service provider in EU for your needs.
    Datacenter Luxembourg
    sglange AT dclux DOT com

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    I can recommend Ecatel as they have quick server setup time and their network is rock solid.

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    I *HIGHLY* recommend serverboost, I manage a server with similar spec to what you require and I cannot fault serverboost at all. IMO better network (we dare) and more reliable than Leaseweb, however it is also more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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