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Thread: SSD Paging File

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    SSD Paging File

    I have a Windows server running x32 2003 standard, and upgrading to x64 isn't possible right now because of software compatibility. We already have 4GB ram installed, but that is constantly maxed out. I was thinking about investing in a top-end SSD (Like the intel extreme), and use it as a dedicated disk for the paging file. I know its not quite the same as increasing memory, but I figure it will minimize the effect of the server always swapping memory contents in and out of the paging file. Thoughts?

    Also, if you think this is a good idea, what SSD would you recommend? I'm thinking anything 16GB or higher is fine. I've heard good things about the Intel SLC, and Mtron.

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    swapfile is the worst possible usage case for SSD because of the constant writing.

    You should be fine on X64, the 32 bit apps will run in WOW64 mode.

    Is there some particular software you think won't run?

    Sometimes it's just a case of a registry tweak or metabase setting.
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    Do you mean its bad in terms of the SSD getting worn out, or for performance reasons? Looking at the X25-e benchmarks, it seems to at least match a HDD on random writes.

    The software is this really horrible scheduling/billing software that looks like it was programmed in VB 97. The company has told me multiple times that they do not support running it on x64 because people have reported problems. I would like to switch to decent software, unfortunately that decision is out of my hands.

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