Give your site every chance of uptime that it deserves!

With Failover, if the primary server fails,
then a secondary server with identical data

Our failover setup consists 2 hardware boxes. with the data in sync 24/7. The sync is real time which means there isn't even a 5 seconds delay for the data consistency. It is consistent all the time. If primary server fails, we move the IP's to the secondary server and start services there. Once the primary is back online, we sync the changes from the secondary and move services to primary.

Every plan includes
UK cpanel Hosting + php + mysql + RoR + RVSitebuilder
Email, Failover Servers, Fantastico

Choose from:

Web Space:          250mb                              500mb                              1Gb
Bandwidth:           5GB                                   15GB                                 25GB
Email:                    25 email accounts            50 email accounts            100 email accounts