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Thread: Pls help...

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    Pls help...

    anyone can give some advice on how to improve my site regarding the page ranking.

    Thanks in advance
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    Well page rank would refer to how well you use SEO in your site,
    For starters.. use meta tags, xml sitemap, make sure all your img's have "alt" tags, make sure all your links works.

    You can also submit your website to popular search engines.

    Hope i helped
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    Thanks to your advice

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    Make sure that your site was designed from an SEO point of view. This means that you should include the proper use of H1 and meta tags, and keywords in the content so that your site is easier to promote through online marketing.

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    There is alot of great information provided on the web. All you need to do is a simple Google search ( to obtain this information. I personally feel you need to try multiple methods because some work better for others. Do NOT limit yourself!
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    Shouldn't this be in the SEO forum, you might get some solid advice there

    edit: I posted it in the moved thread, sorry!
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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnybabe View Post
    anyone can give some advice on how to improve my site regarding the page ranking.

    Thanks in advance
    Find yourself a list of free directories and start submitting. Make sure you have set up your title tag correctly and that you use targeted anchor text. Once you know what you are doing find someone to do it for you. The monotony will drive you nuts. But you have to keep at it if you want results.

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    You need to just get creating more backward links as much as possible.
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