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    * Dedicated server for newbies

    I got a problem with my hosting (I used to have someone who operated a dedicated server for me and I could easily run my website without thinking "how it's made"). Unfortunately the good times have come to and end and I need to start working on my own. And I know nothing about dedicated servers. Only that they are expensive.
    Could you maybe suggest me a good dedic to start with?
    I got a site with up to 20,000 unique visitors a day, with wordpress and coppermine gallery installed. I know I always have problem with CPU high usage and bandwidth. and I need max 50GB of space.

    I was looking at and so far, but I'm affraid the first one is not for newbies like me (who have no idea how to install for example Plesk on a server) but from the second one I don't know if I can choose the $49 option (and is 512 MB DDR2-RAM enough... and what do I need for allowing me using scripts like coppermine and wordpress without issues with 20,000 users surfing (around 200 visitors at the same time)

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    You definitely need a fully managed server. With such type of server, the provider takes care of managing the system / backend and helps out with software and script installation. If budget is a concern (apparently it is), look into getting a managed VPS with dedicated CPU and dedicated memory.

    How much bandwidth are you using per month?

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    a Fully Managed Server should do the Trick for you, Learning how to use a server/*nix is a very steep learning curve and not something you want to play around with on a live box...

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    I agree, you should look for a provider that can give you management support for the applications, control panel and troubleshooting. While there are many cost effective solutions out there between dedicated and VPS, you must consider what is more important (price vs functionality/support).
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    As UNIXy said you do look to need a dedicated server.

    I'm not sure a vps would be suitable given your space and resource requirements.

    If your havingissues on shared hosting for high cpu usage and alike then you need to dramatically up your budget.

    Do you have a preferred location ?
    A fixed budget ?

    You could consider getting the server & management seperately as well.
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    I suggest finding an entry level fully managed dedicated server that will meet your needs as well as your budget. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebairGerard View Post
    I suggest finding an entry level fully managed dedicated server that will meet your needs as well as your budget. Good luck.


    Now the real question is what kind of entry level server do you need.
    do you know which kind of hardware your friend was operating ?
    also , what is the traffic you expect to push.

    Any way you look at it - i recommend going for a good Linux Server with plenty of bandwidth and decent hardware.
    as for management, if you want to reduce fees , you can go for DirectAdmin control panel which is easy to use and lightweight. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    What is your budget? Where are your visitors located?

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    Semi to fully managed will work best for you.
    It will cost more than a dedi, but it's worth every penny when your not pulling your hair out of your head.

    You sound like the type of client that really needs the support. Support is key at any hosting company. So do your homework.

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