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    * Gentle Review of Flii Solutions

    We've created a new site,

    Let us know what you think, but just take into account
    • the code will be cleaned up
    • css will be edited to make the site xhtml valid
    • the content is in the process of being re-written
    Anyway just let us know what you think of the overall concept and colour scheme.
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    I like the general concept of the site and think it works well. A few points:

    - If viewed on a widescreen the background isn't large enough and so doesn't fill the screen.
    You should blend the background-image into the background-colour on all sides or make the background image stretch to fill the window (issue with pixelisation with this solution on larger screens)
    - The mouseover blue could be a little darker as white is a bit hard to read on it.
    - The animation on the accordian seems very slow - you should speed it up, you don't want people thinking service is slow :p
    - More of an IA issue here - having titles such as "Web design", "Web Hosting" as well as "Web services" is confusing since the first two are also web services.
    There are also probably too many sections, maybe consolidate a few or introduce a second level of navigation (horizontal scrolling maybe) - users can handle this sort of navigation scheme if the hierarchy is made crystal clear
    - The icons at the bottom should be lined up with the text, also white on light blue is a bit hard to read
    - Padding needed around paragraph tags

    You might also want to look at
    It has a similar layout and pulls it off well - the reason?
    I think it is because there is lots of variety in the content, with different colours and styles, whilst still looking cohesive.
    When you rewrite the content try to make it appear exciting and not (as it currently is) bland. Maybe look at some really nice stock illustration to go with the site - (though not those annoying stock photographs of smiling support people!!)

    Hope my advice has been useful.

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    Its a neat idea but I don't think its ideal for a web design or hosting company. Seems like such a JS (JavaScript) would be idea for a resume or something smaller. You are lacking information that can be valuable to the client. I do not see anything regarding legal information (SLA, Terms and Conditions). You only offer two hosting packages; you really should offer more than just two. This will ensure you generate more client sign ups. Not everyone is going to like the two packages you have and then they are forced to look elsewhere when they really want your company.

    On "Other Service" you have 'For more information about these services please contact our sale/pre-sales departments.' Why not make it clickable to they don't have to figure out where the 'Sales Department' is. Make the website easier for the client - they shouldn't have to look for information, you need to prove it to them.

    Overall great website you just have areas that need more work. Best of luck to you and your web design / hosting company.
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    I'm planning to add a sidebar eventually
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    I quiet like it - I'd personally jazz up the black bars a bit.

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