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    Addthis Privacy Concern & SEO

    I want to use Addthis for my forum. I know this place a cookie (Flash cookie) in user's computer and there is way to disable that cookie as well.

    Now my question is does Addthis really help in SEO by submitting links to various social bookmarking sites? Is these links called backlinks? Is addthis compatible with search engines and various browsers.

    Thanks for help in Advance.

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    Little confused on ur query.... Do not understanding how can compare with privacy concern and BL ... Do not find any relation btw it

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    Right, bookmarks from addthis are also backlinks and would help you in your SEO efforts.

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    since we are in this topic, about addthis privacy concern. will addthis actually collect our site visitor information (like google analytics) for their use?

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    yes I think they place a small flash cookie file in user's computer. May be they collect user's surfing habits..

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