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    batch remove files and copy

    hello, i need to move the httpdocs folders of multiple sites on my plesk server to another server (share on other serv is already mounted so thats not an issue) but their is 31 different domains i need to copy. wondering if anyone knows any way to batch automate a cp process to copy each domains files to a new folder on remote server (this is for backup purposes not live sites so i cant use plesk migration etc

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    Have you ever heard of the scp command?

    Try using something like
    scp -R localdir [email protected]:/pathtoremotedir

    If you are moving from plesk to plesk, there may be a move option like whm/cpanel give. WHM will automated moves including dns conf, etc when moving servers.
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    nah im moving the files only to a dev server for client no plesk or nothing on it, just basicly he wants files locally so need to do it via shell on plesk server (the dev box is windows so ive got a share mounted on plesk already just need to move files - theirs more than just those domains on server so i cant just move the entire vhosts folder

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    If you would like to copy the files from Linux server to Windows machine, install 'cyg-win' on your Windows server. CYG-WIN will give you a Linux kind of an environment on the Windows machine using which you can even schedule backups on daily basis.

    Using rsync you can easily copy files from your Linux server to the Windows machine. Below is the command you can schedule on your Linux machine:

    rsync -vrplogDtH -e "ssh -p 22" /var/www/vhosts/ [email protected]:/path/where/you/wanto/save/the/backup/

    PM me if you would like to have a script to backup httpdocs folder of all the accounts.

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