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    WHMCS SMS Addon v1.3.3 Released!


    As the old topic is too complicated, I'm starting a new thread now.

    Here is the features:

    * Works with WHMCS v4 or later!
    * Using cheap and secure services of Clickatell!
    * Fully customizable, you can choose all the SMS sending options.
    * Send SMS to client and/or to admin on new orders.
    * Send SMS to client whenever new invoice generated.
    * Send SMS to client whenever he/she changes his/her password.
    * Send SMS to client and/or to admin on new support tickets.
    * Send SMS to client whenever admin replies to his/her support ticket.
    * Send SMS to admin whenever client replies to his/her support ticket.
    * Send SMS to client on module create, you can send username/password via SMS
    * Mass SMS to the clients.
    * Sending single SMS.
    * SMS template support, edit sms messages.
    * Sender ID support, use your Clickatell approved SenderID.
    * Your clients will be able to choose if they want to receive SMS from you.
    * Logging all SMS activity, successes & errors.
    * Free upgrades.

    2 encoded files
    No template editing required

    No php-html-mysql knowledge required. zip file contains detailed description.

    $3.90 USD Monthly
    $10.90 USD Quarterly
    $17.90 USD Semi-Annually
    $29.90 USD Annually
    $49.90 USD Biennially


    $74.90 One Time

    Payment Options



    You can get a test licence from and try the adon module for a week for free.


    How to Buy?


    You can get mass owned licences with a lower price so you can resell the licences in your own country. Or simply buy an owned licence and resell it!

    You can submit ticket from your client area from or simply email to [email protected]

    Feel free to ask anything you want to ask before buying.


    - "SMS on invoice created" modified to work with daily cronjob.
    - Date format of SMS templates changed to use WHMCS date format settings.
    - Optimized and better usage of the Clickatell API.
    - Better-looking logs page.
    - Licence check error instead of "invalid licence" if something's wrong with server settings or licencing servers.
    - Some minor improvements.
    - A small bug about "text client on ticket reply" has been fixed.
    - SMS sending feature on module create(whenever client's web hosting account created) added.
    - Sending single SMS feature to any mobile number added.
    - Improved SMS template variables.
    - Automated file fetching and upgrading, you'll be able to see if a new version is avaible and upgrade with just two clicks.
    - Cleanup option for corrupt module installations.
    - A small bug has been fixed which is related to upgrading.
    - Some minor improvements.
    - It doesn't has to be upgraded from older versions, it can be installed itself.
    - A bug fixed which is related to unicode support. Unicode support is still experimental.
    - Force Sender ID feature added.
    - Mass SMS "Invalid Licence" bug fixed.
    - Yes/No option for SMS notifications can be configured now, it doesn't has to be Yes,No.
    - Sending email address and password on change password action.
    - SMS Template inputs are bigger now to make editing easier.
    - Force SMS option added for sending sms to clients who doesn't want to receive sms messages.
    - Errors are red now on SMS logs.
    - Unicode support(experimental, may not work).
    First release.

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    What's the difference? I'm the owner of this module.

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