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    web hosting for autoresponder application

    As most servers has limitation to send mail per hour 500 or 1000 , so I am looking for a good hosting for autoresponder application on a share hosting.
    does anyone know any reliable hosting for this ?

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    does your auto responder application more like automatically send email to your clients?
    most normal hosting packages does not allow you to mass mailing and have the restrictions on the email server.
    for this, you may consider the email marketing package. This allows you like to blast emails to your clients. This is 1 solution for you.
    how many emails would you need to send out total?

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    Most Shared Webhosts will limit their outgoing limit due to the prevention of getting their IP Blacklisted. You would be best getting a VPS server, Unless you can find a shared host that would allow you to send this amount per hour on your account.

    I would consult with a Host before signing up or checking their TOS in regards.

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    Thanks for your response,

    Yes my autoresponder send automaticlly to subscribers once a day and if there are 5000 subscriber in my system so the system send a mail automatically once a day to those members.

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